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What I like about my position (being a corporate accountant ) I enjoy seeing the financial aspect of things, I like knowing how well the company is doing financially. Providing feedback too, offering insights to process improvements. The business side is fun also. However, the longer I work on the technical side of accounting,. We have to sacrifice to do a lot of things we dont enjoy doing because it has benefits for our life. Essay Review, submitted by EJ. Thank you for submitting your essay for review. The essay starts out, as the title it implies it should, as though it will be a general argument about whether people should do things they do not. Dec 21, 2016. People have different interests in their lives. Not all the people can spend their lives according to what they are most enthusiastic about. Life just goes forward and we have to cope with that. I agree with the statement people should sometimes do things, that they dont enjoy doing for some specific reasons.

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what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

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