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Note CAUTION Do not use the Suspend and Resume methods to synchronize the activities of threads. You have no way of knowing what code a thread is executing when you. Here is the code snippet which will help you to pause resume a thread using ManualResetEvent class. Both Suspend() and Resume() methods are deprecated in.Net. Apr 1, 2013. The constructor creates a not active thread object with given priority and stack size. The start() method launches a new system thread the stop() method closes the thread, the pause() method puts the thread asleep and the resume() method wakes it up. The join() method waits till the threads main function.

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Data Processing Thread with the Pause/Resume Functionality

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Data Processing Thread with the Pause/Resume Functionality

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This class provides support for executing JADE Behaviours in dedicated Java Threads. In order to do that it is sufficient to add to an agent a normal JADE Behaviour wrapped into a threaded behaviour as returned by the wrap() method of this class (see the example below).