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FAQs - Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Everyone knows that an lsat score is almost universally prizedabove all other factorsoften counting more towards an acceptance than gpa, letters of rec, personal statement, and resume combined! write papers for students Disclaimer Law School Predictor cannot and does not guarantee your LSDAS GPA. Include only college-level coursework completed before earning a Bachelors. Semester Credit Hours Earned.

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How LSAC Recalculates Your GPA For Law School Admissions

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Passing grades from any grading system in which a conversion rule cannot be determined (for example, PassFail, SatisfactoryUnsatisfactory, CreditNo The Components of the Law School Application LSDAS, GPA and LSATs, Personal Statements. The LSDAS report contains your LSAT scores, writing sample, your LSDAS compiled GPA, copies of all transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Do not include a resume if the law school expressly says not to. If there are no instructions regarding a resume.