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May 5, 2017. Jean Paul Sartre published the short story The Wall (French title Le Mur) in 1939. It is set in Spain during the Spanish civil war which lasted from 1936 to 1939. The bulk of the story is taken up describing a night spent in a prison cell by three prisoners who have been told they will be shot in the morning. oct. 2012. 1905 Naissance (21 juin) de Jean-Paul-Aymard Sartre dans une famille protestante qui donnera des professeurs et le fameux Docteur Schweitzer. 1906 Dcs de Jean-Baptiste. 1939 Publication du recueil de nouvelles Le Mur. Mobilisation (2. Rsums duvres de Jean-Paul Sartre Huis clos. Publication of Nausea (La Nausee) his first novel 1 939 Publication of Le Mur, collection of short stories 1 939 Sartre called up to the French army 1 940 Fall of France Sartre prisoner of war 1 941 Sartre released resumes teaching career joins French Resistance 1 943 Publication of Being and Nothingness (LEtre et. Et Sartre met en exergue cette pense dans un grand ouvrage quil a crit un intitul Lenfance d. paru en janvier 1939- les quatre autres tant le Mur,.

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