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A patent attorneys resume is not going to be reviewed with dozens of others all at once. Because of the specialized field of intellectual property, comparatively few resumes are going to be Samantha Pierce. 2200 La Rue Ct., Tampa, FL 33624. Phone 813-555-2125 Email SjPiercegooglemail.com. Objective. Become a team member in a challenging environment at a leading Intellectual Property Law Firm in the state of Florida. Experience. 2011-2013. David Long Law Office, Tallahassee, FL Patent Law. culiklawevents.com Sample IP Attorney Resume. Ronald Folse 1547 Five Points Salisbury, MD 21875 Tel (333)-618-5592 E-mail ronaldexampleemail.com.

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Patent Attorney Resume

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to join our team. If you are seeking a challenging position that will permit you to apply your technical and legal skills to good use, a career at JIPL is the right place for you. We invite you to forward your resume via email to tvaughnjordaniplaw.com. Jordan Intellectual Property Law, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Following is the example of Intellectual Property Lawyer CV Template. You can download this Intellectual Property Lawyer CV Template in word or pdf format or