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course, students enrolled in engineering design classes are expected to be problem solvers. While the characteristics and objectives of such courses may vary, almost all of them include objectives that emphasize the ability to set up and solve problems, and the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Answer to Engineering Problem Solving Write a program that can sort 3 integer numbers and output the minimum and maximum values u. Once you have found an idea for your engineering project, describe the problem by writing a problem statement. Your problem statement must answer three questions What is the problem or need? Who has the problem or need? Why is it important to solve? The format for writing a problem statement uses your answers to. Steps used in Engineering Problem Solving. Identification of a need Problem definition Search Constraints Criteria Alternative solutions Analysis Decision Specification Communication. Engineers are InventorsCreators. The professional life of engineers is devoted to the creative solution of problems. The world that.

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