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Jun 4, 2014. When it comes to landing a job fast, its all about the people you know and the people who know you. According to Jobvite, 55 percent of employer referrals get hired faster than candidates from company career sites. In addition, HR professionals rate employee referrals as the No. 1 source for quality. Oct 25, 2017. A common theme throughout many of the presentations was that employee referrals are golden. I wrote extensively about the value of employee referrals in my Targeted Job Search series on this blog. I wrote about continuously building your referral network so that you stay employed at companies where.

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Review a referral letter and email message samples asking for. between getting an interview and having your resume. for a Job Referral,. CAREER FAQS. ABBOTT CAREERS. Why should I work at Abbott?. As an employee referral, your resume is housed in the same proprietary database as all other applicants.