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E-Portfolios. 12 Pins120 Followers. Having an online portfolio can boost your job search. Disclaimer Inclusion to this board does not represent an endorsement by Career. A prospective employer viewing your career portfolio is likely to gain a better idea of your experience, skills, and traits than by reading your rsum. In todays article, we will be differentiating between resume and portfolio. What do they stand for, how they are used, on which occasion they are used, functional difference between the two and why one should choose over the other and on which occasion should you choose a resume or a portfolio. So let us begin. Let us know what you think about these Weebly website examples. Do they pass as professionally designed projects? Best portfolios created with Weebly! customized writing practice May 8, 2017. Resumes used to be the only tool you had to showcase your academic and professional achievemnts when you were looking for a new job. Today you have so many more options, one of which is to create a Digital Portfolio. This visual representation of your history and greatest achievements provides.

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